by Erin McCarthy

December 2006
ISBN: 0-425-21213-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Cara Kim may dance at a strip joint, but she does so behind a screen where no one can see her. The anonymity is the only way she’s able to take her clothes off in front of a man. After a performance, she’s getting dressed when Seamus Fox makes his way backstage. She doesn’t know how he made it past the bodyguards but she just wants him gone.

Seamus Fox hasn’t been with a woman in two hundred years, but when he sees Cara Kim dancing behind a screen he’s immediately drawn to her. He asks her out and she refuses. Then he tries to use his vampire mind control on her, and is completely shocked when it doesn’t work. He finally leaves, but he’s distracted and unprepared for the three vampires waiting for him in the back alley.

Cara receives a mental distress call from Seamus, though she’s not sure what’s going on in her mind. She rushes outside and sees a fight, but there isn’t anything she can to do help. When she sees fangs and supernatural strength she’s terrified and runs – right into the path of a SUV.

Although it is against the rules, Seamus turns Cara, unable to let her die because of him. Now he’s responsible for helping her adjust to her new life and to learn the rules of vampire society. While she’s adjusting to that, he’s trying to learn how to trust again since his last lover tried to have him executed.

Bit the Jackpot is the sequel to recently published High Stakes and all of the characters from that book are back and more fun than ever as they also try and help Cara adapt to a world she never even knew existed. Laugh out loud scenes combine with steamy lovemaking scenes to make this book a true treat.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Jackie.

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