by Catherine Coulter

June 1994
ISBN: 0-399-13970-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Putnam

As one of the pioneers of the romantic trilogy, Catherine Coulter delighted her fans’ hearts when she embarked upon her three “Legacy” tales. Featuring colorful and passionate characters, each is a treasure – but this one is my personal favorite.

North Nightingale broods. He’s supposed to, his father brooded before him, as did his grandfather - the brooding gene runs strong throughout the line! However, he really hasn’t had much chance to brood lately – he’s been quite busy helping his friend, Marcus Wyndham (in the first novel of the trilogy, “The Wyndham Legacy”). Now he’s going to be even busier – he’s just met the most delightful girl who is resourcefully rescuing herself from a fate worse than death!

Caroline Derwent-Jones isn’t quite sure what to make of this handsome devil with the dark eyes who proves to be her savior in more ways than one. Their entanglement in a Cornish mystery brings them together and their heat ignites sparks on the pages! The passion between Caroline and North survives the best efforts of his devoted staff of misogynistic retainers, and her totally awful relatives! The secondary characters almost steal this book – they’re funny, dreadful, funny, greedy, and just plain funny!!

It’s very easy to be lured into a series of historical romances, and think that we are enjoying the best the genre has to offer. But then to find a gem like this one realigns our attitudes, and forces us romance readers to accept that there are a few writers, like Catherine Coulter, who have set the standards against which all others must be measured. This is one of those books – please try it if you haven’t, it’s just wonderful.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Celia.

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