by Anthology

September 2006
ISBN: 0-7582-1483-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

In Texas Bad Boys, three unknown sisters are about to discover that a mysterious bequest from their grandfather will change their lives.

Rosemary Laurey starts the anthology with In Bad with Someone. Juliet ffrench has come to Silver Gulch, Texas because she inherited the Ragged Rooster from her recently deceased grandfather, a man she never met. Unbeknownst to her, her grandfather apparently agreed to give the bar to his manager, Rod Carter. Problems spring up right away between the two, but problems aside, a devastating attraction has also bloomed in the Ragged Rooster. Juliet and Rod are drawn together in a common task when they discover someone has been breaking into the Ragged Rooster. With this new mystery on their hands, can they put aside their difficulties to figure out what is going on?

Rosemary Laurey creates a great character with Juliet ffrench. Her English personality provides a nice contrast to the Texas attitude of Rod. However, the story becomes bogged down in spotty writing. This interrupts the flow of the story a bit, but overall, the plot is rescued by the growing love between Rod and Juliet.

Karen Kelley’s Run of Bad Luck is the definite piece de resistance in this anthology. Nina Harris has inherited her grandfather’s ranch, Maddock’s Dream. Unfortunately, she’s a city girl and has no plans to settle in Texas. That’s before she captures ranch foreman Lance Colby in her camera’s lens. Watching him break a horse is a work of art and she knows he’ll make the perfect centerfold in her women’s magazine. Lance has other ideas though. There’s no way he’s going to appear nude in a magazine. No real guy would. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like to spend a little time naked with Nina. But with the ranch between them, can there ever be a happily-ever-after for this mismatched pair?

Wow! Talk about steamy and seductive. Karen Kelley will wow readers with her stunning scene of Lance riding a bucking horse. You can practically see it playing in your head. Add in some serious chemistry and a solid attraction, lots of sexy dialogue, and Run of Bad Luck is the perfect reason to buy this anthology. Talk about a delicious treat for the mind.

Dianne Castell’s Come to a Bad End rounds out this collection. Lillie June, the last granddaughter, has just opened a spa in Silver Gulch, and the men of the town are up in arms! Suddenly, their wives aren’t cooking those heavy dinners and taking care of the men, rather, the women are thinking about themselves for once! Pampering and exercise are on the minds of Silver Gulch’s women, and it’s all thanks to Lillie. John Snow, sheriff of Silver Gulch, has been recruited to persuade Ms. June to shut the spa down. Trouble is, John has a thing for Lillie, and if he gets close to her, he’s afraid he’ll want to take the attraction farther than he should. When he finds out Lillie has feelings for him too, their situation becomes even more complicated. Will John risk losing Lillie to placate Silver Gulch?

Dianne Castell serves up an amusing, if predictable story. John and Lillie’s attraction is genuine and it saves this story when several plot twists fall flat, including a few that readers are going to see coming a mile away. Nevertheless, the warmhearted ending lends the story a positive happily-ever-after.

Texas Bad Boys isn’t the best, or the worst, of Brava’s Bad Boy compilations. There are a few problems that detract from the stories, but if you find this book in the library or a used bookstore, it’s still worth taking the time to read.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Sarah.

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