by Holly Jacobs

April 2006
ISBN: 0-8034-9764-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Avalon Books

The final installment of Holly Jacobs WLVH radio series features late night radio host Cassie Grant, host of Night Calls. Cassie’s family has a history of great loves that last a lifetime. This history may have come to an end though when Cassie calls off her engagement.

Cassie returns homes and swears off men and gets a dog…a really big dog….an Old English Mastiff named Dudley to be exact.

Jonathan Cooper the boy next door and Cassie’s best friend offers her a shoulder to cry on. Not only does Jonathan find himself looking out for Cassie but he also finds he has become the best friend of the loveable Dudley, Cassie’s new puppy.

Jacobs has penned another winning comedy that will keep her readers in fits of laughter. Cassie and Jonathan share a special chemistry that readers will love. The charming Dudley almost steals the show and will have readers toying with the idea of getting a new puppy of their very own.

Night Calls is a wonderful ending to an entertaining and laugh out loud series. I can’t wait for Ms Jacobs next offering.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Barbara.

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