by Jennifer St. Giles

September 2006
ISBN: 1-4165-1332-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

When Erin Morgan arrived for work one day at the Sno-Med Clinic, the last thing she expected to step into was a murder mystery. Running from her boss, Dr. Anthony Cinatas, Erin finds herself even deeper in mystery as she learns that there are more creatures lurking; and she’s appealing to a host of them. While seeking a hiding place in Tennessee, Erin gets into a strange car accident, involving a black creature and a silver wolf. Upon rousing after the accident, she finds herself in a pasture, with a naked man on the hood of her Tahoe, and only a minimal recollection of what happened.

Erin learns that the man’s name is Jared and decides right away that she has to help him recover, whether she caused his wounds or not. Jared explains that he was a Blood Hunter from the spirit world and has been condemned to a mortal life after battle with a Tsara. At first Erin thinks Jared is delusional because of his injuries or a mental instability, but soon after their meeting she begins to believe in his version of reality. The Tsara bite infects Jared slowly with an evil force, threatening to take over.

Erin and Jared are rescued by a psychic who says she’s known of their arrival for months and has been waiting for them. With the help of their savior and a few other locals, Erin and Jared attempt to get the goods on her boss and Jared tries to reign the evil attempting to take over his body. Is love enough to save him?

Touch a Dark Wolf was a fascinating take on werewolf lore. Fast paced, full of mystery and a touch of danger, I couldn’t put the book down. While Erin and Jared feel an almost immediate attraction, Erin is not willing to get lost in her desires so quickly, while Jared, new to the mortal world, struggles to understand his feelings. As Erin teaches Jared about the world and her, he also learns more about himself and desires to be able to stay with Erin. There is a very intimate trust between these two so powerful it can be felt throughout most of the story, even before they are willing to admit it. The plot was ingenious and very well mapped out, while the majority of the story focused on the plot, Erin and Jared’s romance was not downplayed. I would absolutely recommend Touch a Dark Wolf to any paranormal fan.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Kristen.

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