by Zoe Rice

June 2006
ISBN: 0-451-21844-2
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library
Trade Paperback

Many of the chick lit books out today feature women in writing jobs, most often in magazines. There are many other jobs out there where romance can also ensue but one I didnít see coming, that turned out to be a colorful surprise, is being a director at an art gallery.

Isabel ďIzĒ Duncan absolutely loves art, for her there is nothing better then going to a gallery opening on an evening out. She has the perfect job with great co-workers and the best boss. Everything is fabulous, that is until the namesake of gallery Emerson Bond passes away suddenly. Her once comfortable world is no longer as safe as it was, leaving Iz to fear for her job.

Iz tries to keep her head above water by doing what she does best, finding new and interesting people who showcase work that is just as interesting. She comes upon, thanks to the talented eye of her boss, a new lesser-known artist who makes his own version of what made Andy Warhol famous. Problem is, she doesnít get along with her new client very well right from the get go and thanks to a few well placed mishaps it doesnít seem like it will get any easier.

Then comes the big blow, turns out the man who has taken over for Mr. Bond, has decided to change things around and unceremoniously ousts her boss replacing him with a stricter, more refined, worldly type. At first the new boss seems like a great guy who gets along with everyone in the gallery and makes her heart flutter a little on top of that. He seems perfect until he meets their newest artist who he seems to already know. Can you say intrigue?

I think ZoŽ Deans first novel is a hit and if you want to read a good story the likes of classics like Bridget Jones and The Devil Wears Prada you have definitely have to pick this up. I normally donít rave but Pick Me Up is definitely in my top 10! Her mix or quirky incidents and some facts about art, as well as the troubles of her close friends make this novels title seem more like an order!

Reviewed in November 2006 by Tarah.

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