by Sara Mackenzie

October 2006
ISBN: 0-06-079552-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Present day, Cornwall, England

What twenty-nine year old solicitor Melanie Jones wouldn’t do to get ahead at the law firm of Folye, Haddock and Williams! One of their biggest clients, old Miss Pengorren has died in a nursing home in London. With no living relatives left, her ancestral home Ravenswood, located in the cliffs of Cornwall, must now be put into order and auctioned. The task has fallen to Melanie who while driving the dark and winding roads to the old estate is set upon by a ghostly figure on a horse and its sinister black hound! Scared out of her wits Melanie arrives at the dilapidated mansion to find the apparition has disappeared. Melanie’s “imaginings” that she has had on and off since childhood must be manifesting themselves again. Finding the oddball caretaker, Eddie, Melanie listens to his strange tale of the legend of the notorious highwayman, Nathaniel Raven, the first owner of Ravenswood. Could the ethereal rider who raced along the road with her be him?

In 1814, Nathaniel Raven had returned home from the Napoleonic Wars badly injured. Rescued from the Hell of battle by his commanding officer, Hew Pengorren, Nathaniel brings Hew back to Ravenswood with him. Raven is betrayed by Pengorren who sets a path of destruction through Nathaniel’s family in order to steal Ravenswood out from under them. In his attempt at trying to oust Pengorren from Ravenswood and the grip he has on his family, Raven turns highwayman, only to be gunned down in a failed robbery attempt.

Released from the slumber of the dead by the Queen of the between-world, Nathaniel Raven has been given another chance. He must return to Ravenswood of the present as a mortal and seek the help of Melanie Jones. If he can defeat Pengorren this time, then all will be set right with the past. With so many obstacles in the way of their quest, Melanie and Raven may not get the happy ending their newfound love deserves. The Secrets of the Highwayman are many, and if the past isn't righted, the future for these two lovers may be wronged.

The second in the Immortal Warriors series, Secrets of the Highwayman by newcomer paranormal author, Sara Mackenzie, is just as fast paced, and spell-binding as its predecessor, Return of the Highlander. You will be as swept away in the adventure of Nathaniel Raven and his pursuit of the monstrous Pengorren as the vibrant Melanie is! Very imaginative, Secrets of the Highwayman has so many intricate plot twists you won't be able to put it down! I can't wait for the next in the series,Passions of the Ghost, to hit the bookshelves!

Reviewed in September 2006 by Bonnie.

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