by Susan May Warren

October 2006
ISBN: 0-373-78568-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Steeple Hill
Trade Paperback

American medical missionary Sarai Curtiss has watched two young boys die from an inexplicable ailment within a forty-eight hour time period, and she fears an epidemic of some sort is on her hands. She’s at a loss how she can help. Maybe if she can discover the source of this illness—but still there is a lack of medicine available in Russia. And now, a new governor has taken over Russia, and he has ordered that all foreigners leave Russia immediately—or he will have them killed.

Sarai is unwilling to leave her clinic, so her brother asks his best friend, a Russian rebel Cobra Captain, Roman Novik, to make sure that she leaves Russia. Roman has loved Sarai since he met her thirteen years earlier and he’s more than happy to look for her. When he finds, Sarai, she reeks the same havoc on him now and she did before . . . and she flat out refuses to leave Russia! She needs to find out why the boys are dying.

But the new governor wants Sarai dead. And when he finds out she’s with Roman, he’s determined to take them both out. Will Roman somehow manage to keep Sarai safe? Or does his life depend on her?

Sands of Time is the second book in the Mission: Russia series, though it easily stands alone. Roman and Sarai are loveable characters and the faith message is expertly woven in. Ms. Warren’s intense writing style grabs the readers from page one and keeps the pages turning.

Make sure you begin Sands of Time when you have time to devote to the story, because if you can’t concentrate, you will have a difficult time understanding what is happening. Also, once you begin this book, you’ll be unable to put it down until you finish the story. There are some Russian words in the story that I couldn’t quite figure out the meaning to, but all in all, I enjoyed Sands of Time.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Laura.

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