by Jasmine Haynes

July 2006
ISBN: 0-425-20996-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Author Jasmine Haynes offers readers a sensual trilogy wrapped around a compelling family drama in Somebody’s Lover. This talented author has found a way to use a terrible tragedy as a catalyst to infuse this anthology with vibrant life.

Young widow Taylor Jackson has mourned not only the loss of her husband, but of her role as wife and lover. It is time that she felt alive again. She has made the decision to rediscover the passion that has been missing in her life. She thinks that she is ready for a casual encounter that will not conflict with her role in the Jackson family. She is stunned when Jace Jackson offers to be her partner in passion. Can she go from wife to widow to Somebody’s Lover when that someone is her brother-in-law?

David Jackson is struggling with his grief, and his place in the family. He is lashing out at everyone who means something to him. He has decided that a little distance is in order, and decides to take a break from the family business. When he helps Randi Andersen with her disabled car, he is also hoping that a little R&R with the sexy blonde is just what the doctor ordered. She is a bundle of contradictions, and he will have to convince her that she is much more than Somebody’s Ex.

Mitch Jackson and his wife Connie are not immune to the turmoil swirling through their family. First his brother is killed in a freak accident, and then everyone starts acting crazy, including Mitch. It looks as though he is planning to renege on his promise to Connie about having a large family. Connie doesn’t know what is wrong, she only knows that Mitch spends all his time worrying about pennies, while she sees her marriage drifting away. She is going to have to prove that she is more than Somebody’s Wife if she wants to pull Mitch out of this blue funk.

I really enjoyed this novel, and recommend it to readers who like the connected books by Lori Foster or Janelle Denison. There is plenty of spice and a strong plot that will hold your interest.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Paula.

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