by Michele Bardsley

September 2006
ISBN: 0-451-21937-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Jessica Matthews is a single mom with two kids, living in Broken Heart, Oklahoma. First her husband has the bad taste to sleep with his secretary, and then he has the nerve to die in a car accident. As if her life isn’t hectic enough, Jessica is mauled while taking her garbage out one night and wakes up to find herself sucking on the thigh of a dangerously attractive man…er, vampire.

Suddenly Jessica and several other locals have to deal with the fact they’ve just become major night owls and are on a permanent liquid diet. And in Jessica’s opinion, even worse than being dead, is never being able to eat chocolate again. On the plus side though, her eye sight is excellent and her stretch marks are gone. But how exactly is she supposed to explain to her children she’s now a creature from their worst nightmares?

However her biggest problem is how badly she wants to jump supper hottie vampire Patrick O’Halloran. Whenever the two get any where near each other, the sexual tension is sparking between them. Yet a casual affair is out of the question since any nookie results in a one hundred year commitment to each other. But even if she doesn’t want a commitment that doesn’t mean she’s willing to let any other female get her claws into him.

Laugh out loud funny, this book is a true pleasure and, thankfully just the first in a new series. Jessica is equal parts curious and scared and hides behind her snarky comments as she tries learning the ropes of her new vampire existence. With powers and strengths she never imagined possible, she immediately ends up the target for a creature even scarier than a vampire. With Patrick as her protector she does her best to keep her children safe. And when the sun comes up and she falls into bed, Patrick heats up her dreams, hoping eventually to make them a reality.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Jackie.

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