by Gwynne Forster

July 2002
ISBN: 1583141936
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

Looking for a new life, Alexis Stevenson accepts a job as a housekeeper for Telford Harrington and his brothers. However, her new job is fraught with difficulties: a cantankerous cook, men with no manners, a house that has no rules, and a man who is driving her crazy! But with her four year old daughter Tara to consider, Alexis is determined to conquer her new job and forget her attraction to the man who hired her.

Telford Harrington thinks he has hired a single woman to manage his and his brothersí house. When he discovers he has hired a young divorced woman, with a daughter, he is outraged and when Alexis begins changing everything from what the brothers say to where they eat, they decide she has to go! However, it does not take long for Alexis and Tara to work they way into the brothersí hearts. Soon, Telford is sitting down to dinner at the same time every night, teaching Tara to play the piano, and trying to get her mother to notice him. Alexis, just recovering from a bitter divorce, has no desire to ever get involved with another man; but Telford does not want to be attracted to Alexis either. The changes eventually mold the brothers, Tara, and Alexis into a family and help Telford realize his love for Alexis. But can Telfordís and Alexisís love survive the secrets that surround them?

Gwynne Foresterís new book, Once in A Lifetime, is a story about family and discovering a love that will last a lifetime. This book is filled with characters that grab your heart and will not let go; Tara, the six year old who is ignored by her biological father, Telford, who is haunted by his fatherís actions, Russ, the brother who is always alone, Drake the playboy brother, and Henry, the cook who tells it like it is. All of these characters help to tell a story which is delightful and full of emotional twists and turns. In this book, it is the emotions that tell the story - from fear to love, the emotional gauntlet is run, not only by the characters but also by the reader. Once in A Lifetime is a well told romance about finding love and letting go of the past. It is an emotional read well worth the readerís time.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Jen.

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