by Diane Wylie

October 2006
ISBN: 0-9785368-5-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Vintage Romance Publishing
Trade Paperback

Charlie has a secret; she has followed her husband into battle. She has learned to be a solider alongside her husband. Because of her skills she has become a sharpshooter. She didnít come with her husband's unit to kill; she just wanted to be close at hand. Her family believes she is visiting other relatives, they have no idea she is in the middle of the American Civil War! When her husband is killed during a battle, she wants vengeance for his death. She is attacked by a solider, and she is rescued by a kind stranger, Daniel Reid. She starts to have second thoughts about killing innocent people.

Captain Daniel Reid is sick of the war, sick of the dying, sick of not having enough medicine to help the wounded. He is further sadden when he receives a letter from his intended, letting him know she got tired of waiting for him and is marrying someone, she hopes he can forgive her. He has thoughts about Charlie, the woman who not only fooled her husband, but also fooled every man in her unit. He knows Charlie has seen things no woman should have to see. He has high regard for her in this, but he knows she also loved her husband so much she was willing to put her live on the line for him.

Daniel and Charlieís lives intermingle by the choices they both make. Charlie has guilty feelings of betrayal. She is horrified at herself for having feelings for Daniel; her husband has only been dead for eight months. She does not want to feel anything for Daniel; she can not control them at all. Daniel wants to have a future with Charlie, he knows she is struggling with her feelings; he just can not seem to stop thinking about her. They both need to look deep down inside of themselves and decide what is best for each of them.

Enjoyable book. The characters are strong, likable. Charlie had strong beliefs; she also questioned them, which made her grow as the story progressed. Daniel was a true gentleman; he didnít force himself on Charlie in any way.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Pat.

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