by Amanda Scott

August 2006
ISBN: 0-446-61669-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Hatchette Book Group (Warner)
Mass Market Paperback

Glenelg, the Scottish Highlands, April 1380

Lady Sorcha Macleod knew deep in her heart that her older sister, Adela was making a huge mistake marrying the elderly Lord Ardelve upon their father’s insistence. Sorcha had sent several missives to Adela’s true love, Sir Hugo Robison, praying the man would arrive in time to stop this travesty of a wedding. When the masked riders approached the church steps and the lead man grabbed Adela making off with her, Sorcha was greatly relieved. Hugo had come! It wasn’t until days later that Sorcha learned it was not Hugo who took Adela, but his evil cousin Waldron seeking vengeance against Hugo and his family. Without help from Sir Hugo or her own father to rescue Adela, Sorcha takes matters in her own hands. Disguised as lads, Sorcha and her younger sister Sidony set out to save Adela themselves. With Sir Hugo in hot pursuit of the impulsive Sorcha and her easily led sister, Hugo is one ticked off knight!

A secret member of the Scottish Knights of Templar, bold Sir Hugo Robison is baffled by the messages he had received from Lady Sorcha demanding he stop Adela’s wedding. Yes, Hugo had flirted a bit with his cousin, Michael’s wife, Isobel’s younger sister, but never had he or Adela declared love for one another. Hugo is even more angered when he learns that some of Sorcha’s messages to him had been procured by Waldron, and that is how he kidnapped Adela! Now the little Skelpie has disappeared and Hugo must rescue all the missing Macleod sisters! Once Hugo catches up to Sorcha it is all he can do not to throttle her for all the anguish she has put everyone through. However, one tempting taste of the luscious Lady Sorcha, and Hugo knows his honor bound vows will be done for.

Lady’s Choice by Amanda Scott continues her chronicle of the Macleod, and Sinclair families that were introduced in her previous books, Prince of Danger, and Lord of the Isles. If the reader has not read the other books, then Lady’s Choice might be confusing. The many plot twists and turns stem from things that occurred in the preceding stories. The main hero and heroine this time out, Hugo and Sorcha, are not given too much prime time to showcase their romance, and that leaves the reader confounded as to how they can fall so quickly for each other. But if you love the allure of the mysterious Knights Templar and good history depictions mixed with adventure then savor Lady’s Choice.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Bonnie.

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