by Angel Smits

June 2006
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Clarissa wanted to live her life in peace. That meant without the psychic abilities that plagued her night and day. As troublesome as her visions could be, the most recent were intensely disturbing. In them she could see a man, whom she’d never met before, lose his life in a place she’d never been. Clarissa wanted to ignore the dreams that stole her sleep at night, but their power compelled her to seek out the man regardless of her own wishes.

His name was David Lorde. He was Vice President of Accounts and he had enough to deal with in his life without complicating it further with the young, deliciously beautiful woman who’d come to help him with her ‘psychic’ gifts. He shouldn’t have allowed her near him. Just the sight of her heated the blood in his veins. When Clarissa Elgin was near, he was forced to fight for control. David didn’t like it. He didn’t like that she brought back memories of a past and a curse he’d left buried.

Clarissa had not asked to see into David’s life nor did she welcome the growing tenderness that encroached among the myriad of emotions she felt while in his presence. But before she could withdraw Clarissa was involved heart and soul with a man cloaked in mystery. The more she was around him the more she was attracted to him. Would she survive long enough to enjoy a relationship with David? It wasn’t just her heart that was in jeopardy. Someone or something didn’t want her and David to be together. There was an evil threatening Clarissa from beyond the grave and she was finding that sometimes things don’t want to stay buried.

Angel Smits has written an eerie tale that will have readers jumping at every sound. The author’s descriptive touch paints a vivid portrait in this tale of love conquering all. Clarissa and David must fight overwhelming odds in order to have a life together.

This is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Smits. As I was reading this fast-paced story I could tell there had been a corresponding book preceding it. Raging Spirits is a stand alone book, however, the reader can meet Clarissa first in Memory Whispers. I enjoyed this story very much and highly recommend it to paranormal romance fans.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Rho.

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