by Susan Andersen

September 2002
ISBN: 0-380-81920-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Shadow Dance starts off with Amanda Rose Charles identifying the third victim, Maryanne Farrel, killed by the Showgirl Slayer. The story moves forward with an introduction and background information on both Amanda Rose and Tristan MacLaughlin.

Lieutenant Tristan MacLaughlin is transferred from Seattle to take over the case of the Showgirl Slayer and set up a new task force to hunt the killer. He doesn't like his new assignment but his experience in catching serial killers is an asset that will help the Reno Police Force. He doesn't even like showgirls and thinks them just one step ahead of whores - but soon he finds Amanda Rose is not his stereotypical showgirl.

Amanda Rose Charles is a dancer with a well-bred background. She always keeps her distance from other dancers and romance is never an issue between her and other male dancers. She owns a triplex and rents the other two apartments to her best friend and colleague Rhonda Smith, and another dancer, Maryanne Farrel.

With Tristan renting Maryanne's old apartment, chemistry begins to spark between Amanda and Tristan. Amanda soon discovers the other side of this cool-eyed cop that he tries to hide, and feels a desire that she never experiences. At the same time, Tristan finds himself wanting Amanda in a way he's never felt with any other woman. They both try their best to keep their distance but a little argument leads them to their first kiss and the flame keeps burning.

But the Showgirls Slayer kills again and is bold enough to challenge Tristan and harass Amanda Rose with phone calls....

Shadow Dance is the first book and romantic suspense of Susan Andersen that published by Warner Books in 1989. The story is fast-paced and captivating from beginning to end. Susan Andersen has successfully brought two very different individuals together, a well-bred lady and an orphan cop, and blends them into a well-written story with romance and suspense. Although it is not difficult for readers to find out the identity of the Showgirl Slayer, it is still a good story for anyone who loves action and suspense in a romance. Another must-read for romantic suspense readers!

Reviewed in August 2002 by Rose.

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