by Sophie Mouette

August 2006
ISBN: 0352340215
Reviewer Graphic Button Black Lace Books
Mass Market Paperback

Thereís trouble in cat city, better known as the southern California cat sanctuary, and Felicia DuBois is the head honcho, the mayor so to speak. As development coordinator the creditors are breathing down her neck, off the wall board members keep bothering her and the benefit that could bring in sorely needed funds is way behind schedule. Not to mention Feliciaís got an itch that she canít find anyone suitable to scratch.

Enter captivating Gabe Sullivan. He would definitely take care of Feliciaís empty bed blues but heís off limits. Gabeís from the zoological association, a watchdog organization that could make the facility close its doors for good. As if that isnít bad enough, someone is interfering with plans for the benefit and it is up to Felicia to find them before it is too late.

Get out the catnip Ďcause Cat Scratch Fever is purrfectly delicious! This isnít erotica with a plot. This is an erotic, romance within a whodunit. And the result is a fabulously entertaining arousing work of erotic fiction with a very well developed plot and strong characters. Cat Scratch Fever wonít just arouse you, it will divert you from the cares of your day.


Reviewed in November 2006 by Cynthia.

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