by Caridad Pineiro

September 2006
ISBN: 1-4165-1488-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Downtown Press
Trade Paperback

Every Monday night best friends Tori, Sylvia, Julianne and Adrianna get together to talk about love and life over mojitos like they have done almost every week since high school. One week in particular however, sends all the girls lives to places they never thought they would go.

As a joke, some moons ago for Toriís surprise birthday party the girls brought in ďsome funĒ to liven up her usual straight laced existence. Never did they think that it would go further then that. It turns that Gil, her fun, turns into a serious relationship and eventual engagement! This surprises the entire group, never before has Tori done anything so out of her box! She had always prided herself on being smart, organized, and level headed. This change causes all of them to revaluate the lives they have been navigating. Are they truly happy? Or have they just gotten used to their lives a bit too much?

Sylvia is the gutsy one of the group, partying it up with all the hot shots of the Miami club scene. She is a high-powered entertainment reporter covering everything from openings to movie premiers to getting the scoop about the latest hot shot on the Miami celebrity scene. This existence however is getting old fast though, since the third grade she had dreamed of being a reporter. She now wonders what ever happened to her covering the important stories that impact the city instead of whom is sleeping with whom? Eventually she gets the green light to do a piece of importance, will it earn her respect or will she be a laughing stock?

Adrianna is part owner and manager of an up and coming restaurant and recently added hotel on a popular Miami street. Business is going great she is getting more and more business everyday and is kept busy dealing with the constant influx of things to take care of. Then things are thrown for a loop when she finds out her best friend is going to ask his girlfriend to marry him. She should be happy right? Her best friend has found love! Why then can she hardly bring herself to congratulate him?

Julianne is the other part owner of the hotel/restaurant, and the boss of the kitchen mixing Miamiís finest with old world Cuban flair. She has come a long way from her mothers modest roots and canít be happier. Well, maybe a little happier if her mother respected what she did more, rather then wish her to follow in her footsteps as a keeper of the house for a rich family. Will she ever win her mother's acceptance?

Last but certainly not least is Tori whose life in the span of only a few months has gone through many changes. She decides to elope rather then deal with months and months of planning and waiting for her family to be happy with her choice. She even starts her own firm with her husband to shake off the guilt of helping high-powered evil win over the little guy. Will she be able to weather all these changes or will she crack under the pressure?

In my opinion this is a pretty good story. Itís a bit too cookie cutter for me to absolutely love it, mixing in some sex and the city and Dirty Girls Social Club makes it a bit too predictable but there are still some endings I didnít see coming. All in all if you liked Dirty Girls you will like Sex and the South Beach Chicas, the newest installment into the Latin chick lit genre.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Tarah.

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