by Pamela Britton

September 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77103-7
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Mass Market Paperback

It has been four years since Rebecca Newman lost her husband Randy in a very tragic death. As owner of Newman Motorsports that was founded by her late husband she is barely hanging on to the various teams. She is not only struggling with that but also with herself. She needs a new driver and one that can win, win and win some more. But she is also hanging onto the past. Rebecca, often called Becca by those that love and respect her is going to meet her match,

Lindsey Drake decided it is time to do a few things on her own. She has taken a bus from her home in Kentucky to North Carolina for she knows what is best for her dad, Adam, and has every intention to tell Rebecca Newman, if she will listen, that is. Lindsey thinks that her Dad should drive for Newman Motorsports truck team because he would win. He may be older but she swears he is the best. The only way Becca would consider letting Adam try is if Lindsey give her the phone number. Lindsey figures she has it all worked out for her Dad. He is the best! As for Lindsey's mom, well she left them for another driver and she never looked back.

Adam Drake is very upset with him daughter. When he first arrives to get her he does not even say hello but hollers for Lindsey. His only concern is for his daughter and does not even realize that this beautiful woman is standing there. The same woman he has seen on TV many times while her deceased husband was in the winnerís circle. Once he has a few words with Lindsey he realizes his errors and they talk. Becca would like Adam to test for them. They are looking for a driver but he refuses and insists that they leave, NOW.

After phone calls and a promise of one thousand dollars for pay Adam says yes, he will be happy to try. And he makes it through it all. Even the junky car they gave him, he kept it on the track. They have themselves a new driver. That is until the attraction that Becca and Adam have for each other gets in the way. Adam is fired and ends up driving for another team.

Becca takes on a partner and ends up an outcast. She knows Adams loves her but she will not return that love. She cannot let that every happen again. What will it take for the two of them to get together? Will a ten year old make one or the other realize what it takes to love from the heart?

On the Edge kept me turning page after page. I love Lindsey's sense of humor and she even reminded me what most of us say, ten going on thirty. Pamela Brittonís information about NASCAR was right on track and I enjoyed knowing she took the time to get it correct. I look forward to her next NASCAR romance.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Theresa.

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