by Katherine Kingston

June 2006
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Julie was very much in love with Dave. But she had a problem she wasnít sexually turned on by him. He wasnít pushing her buttons so to speak. It seems that Daveís best friend might have a solution to her problem. They have a weekend to figure out if Julie will always be frigid in bed.

Julie isnít quite sure what to expect from the weekend but she will try anything for Dave. Even it is means giving up control to both Dave and Nick. Nick thinks that Julie is a submissive when it comes to sex and he is hoping he is correct about this. He can see how much Julie and Dave love each other.

The whole weekend isnít just about being submissive 24/7. She is only that way once the cuffs are on, but when they arenít their relationship is back to an even keel. Just how much trust Julie gives them, will let them know her true nature. If being submissive is for her.

They start slowly with her not wanting to hurt or scare her. It seems that Julie can take much more than they expected and the trust she gives over to them makes it easier for all of them. But can the relationship last with Nick and Dave being dominant over Julie? Just how far will the three of them take it and will it end with just the weekend?

Ms. Kingston has given us a wonderful story of introducing someone to bondage and submission. It takes trust in each other completely in order to really be submissive and give up the control, to listen to your body and let is respond to the stimulation it needs in order to reach the ultimate goal. In Julieís case it was finding out that she was submissive when it came to sex, she needed that extra edge to push her over the edge.

Iím hoping that Ms. Kingston will give us another story about these three unique and caring characters of Dominant Boys of Summer. Nick needs to find the one special lady that will light up his life like Julie does Daveís.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Pam.

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