by Kimberly Dean

June 2006
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Copper was going on a cruise with the sister and husband on their 1st anniversary. Another friend was supposed to be there as well, Marcus, a childhood friend, neighbor, and more like a brother to Copper. So she felt comfortable around him. Copper was extremely shy around new people especially men.

But when Jolene told her that Nick would be there instead she had a major attack of shyness overcome her. She wasnít prepared for Nick, she hadnít worked herself up to spend a week long cruise with him. She liked Nick and always didnít know what to say around him or how to even act.

In the event of one erotic hypnosis show Copper showed Nick just how much she wanted him. The shy Copper really let her hair down and a few other things as well. Letís just say that during the show, she found Nick the handsomest man there and wanted to show him just how much he turned her on.

But something happened and the trigger word still worked on Copper even after the hypnosis tried to reverse it. That led to some interesting events all on its own, and of course, Nick was the only one that could help her.

Hypnotica is a fairly quick read that will have you scrolling down the page to find out what happens next when the trigger is set off. And just what will happen when these two, who like one another, react after it is all said and done? Copper and Nick were really good together, take the shy type and put her with a man who is quiet and aware of things happening around them. Nick seems to respond naturally to Copper and her emotions even after only meeting a few times before. The awareness between the two of them is there and neither of them really knows if the other is into them or not until the hypnosis show.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Pam.

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