by Kasey Michaels

May 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77107-X
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Mass Market Paperback

The Beckets of Romney Marsh may not be related by blood, but that fact does not diminish the affection and loyalty that they feel toward each other. Of all the siblings, Eleanor is the one most closely guarded. Her frail appearance, coupled with her injured leg, gives the impression of weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it is Eleanor who is in charge of the Becket household, and who keeps her rambunctious siblings in check.

Eleanor decided long ago that she would forgo a Season and the opportunity to marry. When Ainsley and Jacko had rescued her from that burning ship, her injuries had been severe. She knows that no one would be interested in wedding someone like her. She is content with this decision, until circumstances force her to think otherwise.

Jack Eastwood, Ainsley’s partner, has discovered some damning information about an English traitor. He intends to travel to London to finish his investigation before contacting the authorities. When she overhears the two men discussing the plans, Eleanor makes an outrageous suggestion – to pose as Jack’s wife so that she can gather information from society wives and other domestic sources.

She has other reasons for her suggestion. First and foremost, her brain may accept her fate as a spinster, but her heart and body long for fulfillment in the form of Jack Eastwood. She has harbored a girlish crush on him ever since he arrived in Romney Marsh. This may be her one opportunity to act on it. Second, one of the men Jack suspects of treason is someone from her past.

Beware of Virtuous Women is a thrilling, romantic adventure that completes this first trilogy about the Beckets of Romney Marsh. Author Kasey Michaels has promised more stories from this corner of Kent, and readers will eagerly await them.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Paula.

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