by Lori Foster

November 2001
ISBN: 0-373-25956-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #856
Mass Market Paperback

Admittedly, Lori Foster is one of the top-notch writers of sensual romance, my hand automatically grabs any book that she has authored. However, sensuality alone does not necessarily make a great romance (though it doesn't hurt!), and Mr. November is one of the reasons why Ms. Foster is considered very good at what she does.

Fireman Josh Marshall is tired of being hounded by Amanda Barker - he doesn't want to shuck his shirt to be part of a girly calendar that Amanda is organizing, even if it is for a firefighter's charity! So he decided to turn the tables on Amanda and chase her back - see how she likes it!

Amanda's not quite sure she likes it - and the reader, along with Josh, is left wondering why Amanda finds it so easy to reject the handsome and charming Josh, despite her obvious attraction to him. But the moment he smelled her (yes, smell,!), Josh finds that he no longer wants to just "annoy" Amanda - he's hooked and he wants her in his bed baaad! Of course, the ever clever and determined Josh eventually finds a way to break down Amanda's defenses and find that everlasting love that they both seek.

As a story, it's not without its faults; one, Amanda's reason for withholding a relationship seems a bit flimsy, and, two, seeing that she's abstained for seven long years, it seemed awfully easy for Josh to get into her pants. But never mind that - Josh and Amanda are two likeable characters that one can easily appreciate. They're both smart and, notwithstanding Amanda's prissiness, FUN! Add to that, the return of characters from previous Lori Foster stories, Mick and Zack and their spouses, are here to aggravate Josh's newfound and serious love life. You can't have much more fun than that!

As usual with Lori Foster books, the story and the characters are engaging and the steam factor is high!!! I didn't even think twice about picking up Mr. November and neither should you!

Reviewed in January 2002 by Kari.

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