by Lauren Willig

November 2006
ISBN: 0-525-94977-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Dutton

Eloise Kelly is back! She is still working on her dissertation, hunting for spies. She uncovers a romance between Geoffrey Pinchingdale-Snipe; he is the second in command in the League of the Purple Gentian, and Letty Alsworthy. Eloise is also daydreaming about her romance with Colin Selwick, well it more like a fantasy romance about Colin.

Letty Alsworthy just wanted to prevent her sister Mary from ruining her name and the good name of their family. Instead, she finds herself in a dark carriage being kissed by Lord Geoffrey Pinchingdale! Since they were found in a compromising position, they were forced to tie the knot. In Letty’s mind there is nothing worse than being married to a man who was in love with another woman and not his wife. What makes it worse, it was her sister Geoffrey was in love with. Letty figures it can’t get much worse, until she finds out her husband has gone off to Ireland, without her! She is determined not to be left behind.

Sir Geoffrey Pinchingdale just cannot believe his luck, if the War Department hadn’t made him late for his elopement with Mary, he would not be married to Mary’s sister now. He will have to put that problem on hold, for right now he has to help stop a rebellion from happening in Ireland. He is on the way to help the Pink Carnation. The Black Tulip is also in Ireland to help aid the rebels.

Letty and Geoffrey agree for the time being to have a truce. There are more important things which need to be done first. As time goes by, they both realize they were meant to be together. When Jasper, Geoffrey’s cousin, decides he wants Letty, Geoffrey realizes he is in love with Letty and not her sister.

Eloise’s Grandmother is somewhat of a matchmaker. She has been trying to line up blind dates for Eloise, and Eloise just wants to date one man, Colin. There is a slight problem, Colin hasn’t called, and not having her telephone number might be the reason he hasn’t called. But in Eloise’s mind, all he has to do is look her up in the directory and dial the number.

Great book! It was wonderful to be back with Eloise and her spies. Could not put this book down. Well-written, fast-paced action, romance, mysteries, spies, with surprises throughout the book. Highly recommend. Fans of Eloise will be happy to learn there will be a fourth book to the series.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Pat.

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