by Candace Havens

September 2006
ISBN: 0-425-21161-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

When the prime minister asks Bronwyn, a powerful witch, to protect his rock star friend Zane from warlocks who are out to kill him, she agrees. A decision that her boyfriend Sam is not to happy about, since it will put her in close approximation to sheik Azir, her friend and a man that is in love with her. Bronwyn is trying to adjust to being in a serious relationship, but Samís unhappiness to her picture in the tabloids looking cozy with Zane, isnít helping to keep her cool. But Bronwyn will do all that she can to protect Zane and get back to Sam as soon as possible, before their relationship suffers too much damage. Bronwyn will have to find a solution to the troubles that await her both abroad and at home, before itís too late.

Charmed and Ready is a charming read that will hold readers and have them itching to find out what will happen next. Bronwyn is a strong character that is wonderful to read about, she is the type of character that will appeal to a variety of readers because sheís powerful in her own right and just soft enough to touch our hearts. Candace Havens has created a character that is sure to draw readers again and again and have them eagerly anticipating the next installment in this great series. I am looking forward to finding out more about this strong heroine and the further adventures that she will embark on.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Claudia.

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