by Carole Matthews

September 2006
ISBN: 0-373-89590-9
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Trade Paperback

Fern Kendal is trying to support herself and her brother, who is a stay-at-home single dad, trying to care for his sickly son. She is scraping by on pub gigs and other odd jobs, and thinks life wonít improve much. Especially since her parents have recently started feuding too.

When Fern earns a spot on a reality television show Fame Game and thinks she might actually have a decent voice. The reality television show gig lands Fern a position as a personal assistant to world famous singer Evan David.

Fernís new boss lives in the spotlight, but Evan doesnít truly enjoy it, since heís trying to outrun bad childhood memories. Fern canít seem to handle assistant duties, but she makes Evan smile. Is it possible for these two mismatched characters to find love?

Welcome to the Real World is just thatóreal world, in all its glory. The book opens with Fern sitting in a bar, drinking, and moaning about her money woes, and even thinking of selling her body for extra cash. Ms. Matthews is a best-selling author, and one can see why. The writing is tight, clear, concise, and takes the reader straight into the scene. I could almost smell the smoke and hear the noise as I entered the bar, through the written words.

I didn't like the whining or the gritty realism much, but the book still held my interest. Fans of chick lit wonít want to miss Welcome to the Real World. It has page turning action and realistic characters.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Laura.

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