by Karyn Witmer

September 2006
ISBN: 0-553-58425-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Avery Montgomery could not believe her eyes, she just saw her daughter, Fiona working as a checkout clerk at the local grocery store. She hasnít seen Fiona in over a year. Fiona had dropped out of college and went on the road with a band. Avery was hurt, but she also loved her daughter with all her heart. When her husband, Mike insisted they leave the store before Avery had a chance to make contact with Fiona, she was furious with him. Didnít he want to have Fiona back in their lives? Avery gets even angrier when she learns Mike has known Fiona returned to town and he didnít feel the need to tell her. Avery does not want to have to choose between her husband and daughter, Mike has made it clear he does not want anything to do with Fiona; he can not forgive her for what she did to the family.

Mike Montgomery knows Avery is furious with him for not telling her Fiona had been back for weeks. He was not ready to forgive and pretend nothing happened. He knows he should have not forbid Avery from seeing their daughter, but he did that to prevent more heart break.

Fiona came back home to get her life on track. She also has a secret which she has not revealed to her parents. She does not know how they will react to the news. She also knows her mother will want to smoother her with kindness. She needs do to this on her own; she is after all a grown woman. She also knows she broke her dadís heart by what she did; she is not sure how to make them understand.

Three people hurting, family structure in shreds, forgiveness not forthcoming. Will a simple gift of a Christmas cactus handed down generations be able to bring a family back together or is it too late for forgiveness?

Wonderful story with a roller coaster of emotions. A book not to miss.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Pat.

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