by Lucy Monroe

October 2006
ISBN: 0-425-21221-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

The coupling of a Beast and Angel is compromised and corrupted by words and hatred. But, do not fear, for the beauty of a child’s soul is were even angels fear to tread—and so should others…

The year is 1825

Lord Beast, Viscount Ravenswood “Jared,” is feared by most of the Ton because of his massive size and face that was scarred when he saved his sister from a wolf. The one person, other than his family that does not fear him has died, leaving him to raise her daughter, Hannah. Amazingly, she looks more like him than her mother, though she is not Jared’s child. The Ton thinks she is and he has never bowed to the pressures of others, who cares what these small-minded people think it’s meaningless to him. What matters most to him is Hannah’s happiness.

Onto the scene and into his life will come the Angel, a woman reputed to be perfect in every way. Beauty and poise is her trademark, coolness her façade. Yet, she has her own demons to deal with and now she will also have the Beast…

Jared’s character is the perfect blending of a rugged and virile man, but underneath his large frame beats the heart of a gentle lover and kindhearted man—father. He only wants to be wanted for himself, loved for the wonderful man he truly is and the love he has to give.

Calantha is a woman haunted by a malicious man to whom she was married he was more creature than human. Even with all the years since his death, she is still afraid of men and marriage. Jared will awaken something inside of her soul; bringing her sexual arousal to a burning forefront. How is she going to handle this emotional overload? Can Jared find the sexual creature beneath the marble exterior of Calantha? Will he be able to heal the emotional scars left behind from her unpleasant marriage?

There are many hidden factors that carry this story of love and honor down a path of treachery and lies. Open the book to experience the intrigue, passion and fire that burns between the pages of this incredible historical.

Take Me is the latest release by authoress Lucy Monroe. Ms. Monroe builds this story up with sexual tension slowly, like a spark touched to kindling. It smolders, gentling building into a flaming fire of sexual intensity.

Take Me is every thing one looks for in a winning historical. It is fresh, timeless and closes with the most satisfying of happy endings. The Historical genre field will never die as long as authors like Lucy Monroe are at the helm writing. Spinning tales that grip the heart and nurture the soul with outstanding crafting and timeless storylines. Take Me by Lucy Monroe is a breathtaking 5-rose novel and should be at the top of every historical lover’s reading list!

Reviewed in September 2006 by Janalee.

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