by Sherrill Quinn, RaeLynn Blue

December 2006
ISBN: 1-59374-778-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Whiskey Creek Press

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Sherrill Quinn starts off this Torrid Teasers Volume 18 with Tall, Dark and Naked. Take one single, sort of desperate, almost forty year old woman that wants nothing more than to wake up with a man on Christmas morning. Throw in Kris Kringle, who is placing Jasper “Jazz” Winter on this assignment of granting Anna’s wish. Just what happens when a naked and very aroused Jazz shows up in Anna’s apartment. Will she accept her gift from Santa and wake up with Jazz on Christmas morning? But what happens when the morning is over? Will Jazz still be there and just what did Santa have in mind when he sent Jazz to Anna?

The Haunting is by RaeLynn Blue and deals with an antique ring that is suppose to be cursed. Elizabeth's grandmother left her a house and an antique ring that she purchased in London over twenty years ago. When her grandmother bought the ring the clerk told her it had once belong to Queen Elizabeth I and was cursed. Her grandmother didn’t believe it. But something happened the first time that Elizabeth put on the ring. She dreamed of a mystery man. Just what did the cursed ring have to do with the man? Was the ring really cursed?

Both stories in Torrid Teasers Volume 18 are quick reads. Of both stories I enjoyed Sherrill Quinn’s story more. The story was fun to read and who doesn’t like a good Christmas story about having a wish come true. If you like ghost stories then you will enjoy Ms. Blue’s story. If you have about an hour to spare then pick up Torrid Teasers Volume 18 and enjoy.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Pam.