by Susan Sizemore

June 2006
ISBN: 1-4199-0646-1
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When Edythe and Eleanor's father arranged marriages for them it took them into a different world from the Queen's court, than they were used to. King Henry's Knights were not the polished men at the queen's court, they were a tougher , rougher breed. Edythe married Lord Roger and was quite content with her lot but when Eleanor was told she was to marry Lord Roger's son Stian she was furious as she detested him on sight. Stian was not thrilled either as he thought he should have got the golden haired Edythe.

Interesting story set in the 12th century. Good historical detail and really interesting characters. Eleanor and Stian are poles apart in their thinking but there is a spark there from their first meeting.

The time period is well portrayed as is the friction that exists between the King and Queen and the divided loyalties of the people.

Passion becomes very strong between Sir Stian and Eleanor and is well portrayed through the story. Even though Eleanor tries hard to resist her passion is as strong as his.

A lot goes on behind the scenes. There is Beatrice, Lord Roger's widowed sister-in-law, who wants Lord Roger for herself and when he discovers he has feelings for her where does that leave Edythe? Lars, Stian's cousin would be very willing to comfort her!

There are many plots and scheming going on through out the story to add spice to it and keep the reader hooked to the last page.

There are battles to be won and heartache to go through before true happiness is found but this adds good tension to the tale and the author handles it well.

A sparkling read for any historical romance fan, go out and treat yourself to this book, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Mary.

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