by Lauren Dane

June 2006
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In her seventh published book, Lauren Dane takes on a confused playboy and his female personal assistant who’s had enough of unrequited love.

Personal assistant Tess Marshall has finally decided to cut her losses and leave her boss spoiled Hollywood actor Trevor Ryan. She is tired of watching a never-ending line of women come and go in his life. Hell, she used to buy his condoms! No, it is time for Tess to take some time away to get over her unrequited love for Trev. And Lake Lushman’s peaceful atmosphere is just the place to do so.

When Tess up and quits Trevor finally realizes what a gem she was. She was perfect for him in so many ways, and he intends to find her, talk her into coming back to work, and explore the attractive woman he never realized she was.

But convincing Tess to come back may be more than Trev can handle because she is asking for more than he has ever given anyone else.

Sudden Desire perfectly blended eroticism with humor. There’s nothing like a smart-aleck heroine to move the action and dialogue of a story. Lauren’s version of the office romance will make you grin long after you have finished the book.


Reviewed in July 2006 by Cynthia.

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