by Holly Lisle

July 2006
ISBN: 0-451-41221-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Onyx
Mass Market Paperback

Four years ago Dia Courvant’s husband was killed in an accident while his ambulance was in route to a scene. Dia was the first on the scene and, unable to save him, she instead rescues the man responsible for the accident. It took her a while to get over losing not only her husband, but her best friend. Eventually she gets herself together and continues on as a paramedic herself. Her fellow paramedics have become her family and they usually spend their free time together as well.

Detective Brig Hafferty is investigating car accidents which he suspects are not accidents at all. While investigating a horrible accident scene involving dozens of vehicles, he watches Dia do everything in her power to save the injured. Brig finds some explosives and knows there was definitely foul play involved. He and his partner visit her station the next day, hoping the paramedics might have unwittingly seen something that would help their case. Dia is as fascinated with Brig as he seems to be with her.

When she spies a threatening message in her bathroom mirror, she contacts Brig. He thinks she’s being stalked and things escalate to the point where he doesn’t think she should be alone. But it seems like no matter how careful she is, the stalker is able to gain access inside her home.

Fast paced from the very first scene,I See You is not an easy book to put down. There is a paranormal aspect to the story, written so well you have a hard time not believing it. Lisle is truly a master at romantic suspense and it is such fun to read a book combining the perfect blend of pulse pounding suspense and steamy romance.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Jackie.

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