by Rowan McBride

December 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59632-603-3
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Ace Donovan was known as a card shark. He loves to play poker in fact it was in his blood. His uncle who had raised him for a time was also a card player. Five-card stud was his preference but he would play any style of poker. He enjoyed it that much.

The bets could also be more than just money depending on who set up the game and what you are willing to bet and possibly lose. Ace was living in a penthouse all because a turn of the cards.

But this time he was up against Dallas. The rules of the betting were you could bet anything you brought with you. Well, it seems that Dallas wants to bet the man he brought with him. Ace grudgingly accepts the bet and wins the man. Now just what is Ace suppose to do with him?

Ace tries to set him free, but that canít be done by what he is told by the man. And Ace is in for a few more surprises along the way. It seems that Ace also must name the guy. What else would a poker play name a man if given the chance? Well, Ace picked Spade. Why you will have to read the story to find out, as Iím not going to give it away.

One Good Hand is all it takes to win and it is all it takes to lose everything that you possible own and hold dear. Can a gambler walk away from a game when he knows only a couple of hands are the only ones that can beat him? One Good Hand isnít all about just playing cards, it is about life and what you make of it with what you are dealt.

Mr. McBride has given us a story that even though it is about two men, the story is still the same. Finding the one you love in the most unlikely of places and how you deal with what life throws your way. Learning to accept who you are and understanding that everything isnít always at it appears on the first glance and that some things can have more than one meaning.

Reviewed in December 2007 by Pam.

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