by Cindy Holby

September 2006
ISBN: 0-8439-5308-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Mary Dunleavy is on her way to Laramie. She is about to start a new life here, she has been hired as the new school teacher. Traveling with Mary is her brother; he too wants to start a new life. He is a practicing doctor; he plans on hanging out his shingle and doctor to those who need medical attention. On the way, the train was attacked and boarded by Indians. When Maryís brother is kidnapped by these Indians, she has to find him. She proceeds to steal a horse which is in the animal boxcar. Little does she know, the one person who she did not want to see again is on the same train, and itís his horse she has stolen. The pursuit is on, to locate the kidnapped doctor and the stolen horse.

Zane Brody just canít believe Mary would up and steal his horse; she doesnít seem to have any horse sense in her womanly body. To make matters worse, it wasnít even his horse she took. He was on his way back home to the ranch; he was in charge in bringing back this wonderful creature to the owners. He is concerned when he shows up empty-handed, his job will be history. Zane and Mary didnít exactly meet under the best of circumstances to begin with, he saw her in a most embarrassing way.

Zane and Mary wind up both being taken captive by another band of Indians during their search of the doctor. While Mary does manage to escape, she just can not leave Zane, she has to find a way to set him free and she also needs to locate her brother. With the help of a zany goat named after the devil, she does manage to pull it off. Zane and Mary are consistently in situations which sometimes are laugh out loud funny, mainly due to the goat, who is very attached to the horse Zane is suppose to bring back.

This is the final book in Wind series. As I did not have the pleasure in reading the other books, at times I was somewhat confused when the author referenced characters in the other books. Still a worthwhile read for anyone who likes a romp in the Wild West.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Pat.

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