by Jennifer Mueller

June 2006
ISBN: 1-905393-63-6
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As a student of Art, Ayda Rogers has travelled the world examining some of the most precious art collections. She cannot believe her luck when she gets accepted to study and catalogue the art collection in the 800 year old castle of Cairnmuir. Ambitious, strikingly attractive and intelligent, Ayda sees this as a way to finish her doctoral thesis and finally achieve her goal of being a Doctor of Art. With a focus on the collection, Ayda quickly becomes lost in the romantic past of the inhabitants of Am Binnean Castle and the beauty of Scotland.

What she never expected to find was passion in the arms of the castleís heir, Hunter Sinclair- future Duke of Cairmuir. An ex-RAF officer, Hunter is gorgeous, generous and extremely distracting! Moving between past and present, History Lessons, presents steamy tales of past romances of former castle owners and a ghost who wants nothing more than to save a damsel in distress. As Ayda becomes more enamoured with the history of Cairnmuir, as the mysterious historical romances unfold, she finds herself in a passionate romance of her own.

Will the history lessons of Am Binnean allow Ayda to embrace her own Duke of Cairnmuir?

History Lessons is a wonderful historical tale that weaves the past and present so alluringly you will not want to put this book down! Not only do you see the blossoming relationship between the single-minded, Ayda and the oh-so-gorgeous, Hunter, but you get the added romances of the castles inhabitants throughout the ages.

Charming and heart warming, you will be swept away by the breadth and scope of the Scottish landscape, not to mention the passionate highlanders. I found each romantic story to be intriguing, and extremely steamy! If you are looking for a book where you can be swept away by broad landscapes, flowing narrative and beautiful, manly characters then sit down and prepare for your history lesson. Itís well worth the ride!

Reviewed in June 2006 by Donna.

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