by Rita Herron

August 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77102-9
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Mass Market Paperback

The story begins with Ivy crying and trying to wake up her mother. Her mother is brutally murdered and her father tells her she is poison. Ivy is running for her life and finds the help of a town bad boy, Matt.

Fifteen years later we find Matt being pardoned for the murders of Ivyís parents. He was innocent and finally free. He is now looking for the real killer and out to find out why Ivy didnít stand up for him at his trial. Little does he know what he will find with Ivy.

Ivy canít remember half of her childhood and she does not remember what happened the night her parents were murdered. Ivy goes back to Kudzu Hollow to find out and hopefully finally be able to move forward with her life. Ivy goes back with two purposes in mind, one to try and remember that night and the other for an article in her scrapbooking magazine of local folklore.

Someone is trying to scare Ivy to leave, to not pry into the past. Ivy has several scares and threats. There are secrets in this small town. The more Ivy and Matt try to find out the truth the more escalated the threats and the attacks. Not only attacks to Ivy but to other members of the town as well.

Ivy and Matt have quite a lot to work out between them and individually. They both must come to terms with the past in order to be able to finally have the life they have both hoped for and wanted. The attraction between Ivy and Matt didnít diminish in the fifteen years they were apart.

The locals are an intricate part of the story. There are secrets hidden in the small town and you arenít sure exactly who is hiding what and from whom. We canít forget Lady Bella Rue, who is supposed to be the local witch and seer. She is able to see some of the things that will happen or that a killing is going to take place.

Rita Herron has once again given us a story that will pull you in and not let go until the last page and word has been read. Last Kiss Goodbye is a wonderful story. It has all the small town elements set in the mountains that have some disturbing happenings every time it rains. If you havenít read a book by Ms. Herron you donít know what you are missing, the suspense and drama of a beautifully written romantic thriller.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Pam.

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