by Eve Jameson

June 2006
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Jillian Lawson's nicknamed in high school was Saint Jillian given to her by Pier's Point most infamous rebel, and hottie, Hunter Scott. Back then she wasn't experienced on how to deal with his erotic teasing, maintaining her good-girl image.

Now twenty years later, it's a totally different story. She's more than ready to accept his offer the second time around. She arrives at their high school reunion planning on teaching him a thing or two, the first being that she's no longer a saint.

Ms. Jameson has penned a steamy, hot quickie that will fulfill the readers' every need. I love Jillian and Scott characters. We all can see they belong together. You'll find the star crossed lovers, and the jealous other woman as you read along. They make you want to cheer for them.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Noemi.

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