by Jory Strong

May 2006
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Draijon d’Amato will fulfill his duty to his clan and to his people. He will accept the human female the Council scientists determine is his mate. He will then choose a Vesti co-mate the scientists believe is necessary to ensure the continuation of both the Vesti and Amato races. That doesn’t mean he has to like any of it—until he meets his beautiful, feisty, independent mate.

Kye d’Vesti’s instincts tell him that policewoman Savannah Holder is his mate. Her reaction to him tells him she feels as drawn to him as he is to her. It is his duty to protect her from harm until her mate can claim her. However, now that he has staked a claim will Savannah’s Amato mate accept him.

Savannah has no idea why she is so into Kye but she intends to ride him hard like one of her favorite stallions. But the perps she’s tracking are determined to keep her from finding out the truth and suddenly Savannah needs Kye for more than just his bedroom skills. When she meets Draijon everything becomes more intense and powerful.

Fallon Mates: Roping Savannah is fabulous. An attention grabbing mystery mixed with a stirring ménage romance and characters you will not forget. Roping Savannah will make think some very naughty thoughts.


Reviewed in October 2006 by Cynthia.

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