by Cissy Hassell

May 2006
ISBN: 0-9767634-5-1
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Mayse Farrell canít believe her fatherís will and the stipulation he has placed on her and Jayse. They must marry within twelve weeks and have a male heir within eighteen months. She canít believe it. She didnít need the money, 25 million, but her twin Jayse did. Jayse needed it to help run her business and farm for unwanted and neglected animals.

Now where is Mayse going to find a man and marry in twelve weeks? At least a man who will agree to her stipulation in regards to the marriage and the heir. In walks Brice Mallory and her good friend Sherryís brother. She decides that she canít get involved with him. He causes havoc on her senses and she isnít sure whether to be mad, angry, or put off by the way he treated her the first time they met.

Letís just say, the first meeting is a prelude to things that come. Neither wants to give in to the other, they are both stubborn, never letting the other in, even when everyone around them sees how much they love each other, except for the two of them. Each afraid to tell the other their true feelings, afraid of what will happen and just how the other might use it against the other.

Mayse was stubborn and wanted things her way. She had always fought her father and felt that Brice was doing the same thing. Brice wasnít sure of Mayse. He wanted her love, but he had a funny way of showing it. Just like a typical man.

Ms. Hassell has given us a wonderful story, a story of love at first sight when neither believes in it. Both wanting the other but not sure how to go about letting the other know. I enjoyed being able to see the thought and reactions of both Mayse and Brice.

Mayseís Cowboy dealt mainly with Mayse and Brice. Iím hoping Ms. Hassell gives us Jayse and Rafeís story as well as Lucas and Annie. With the glimpses of these four throughout the story, it leaves you wondering if these men will get the love of their lives or if the women know how to corral the men they love. I know Iím looking forward to their stories.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Pam.

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