by Jewelann Butler

October 2006
ISBN: 1-58749-579-1
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Savannah Knight was not your average wealthy widow in New Orleans in the late 1800ís. She liked the independence that her widow status gave her, she had no one she had to report to, well, her mother of course. She didnít like Savannah staying out all night playing cards or whatever else kept her out into the early morning hours and sleeping half the day away.

Savannah also had an alter ego so to speak, she was the mysterious masked madam of La Hibicus Rouge. A bordello. If anyone found out who she was she would be ruined along with the rest of her family. But La Hibicus Rouge was not only a bordello but also the first stop for women in New Orleans that were in abusive relationships to leave.

It was going along smoothly until Napoleon Falconer showed up. Napoleon was the son of one of her motherís dearest friends. Napoleon learned before being introduced to Savannah that she had secrets and among them playing cards and smoking cheroots. But that was just the tip of the iceberg of her secrets, being the madam was the biggest one and of course, helping the women.

All bets were off when Lynette, one of Savannahís closest and dearest friends, shows up at the bordello with her son seeking refuge and a way out of New Orleans. Napoleon is hired by Lynetteís husband to bring her back along with their son and a Faberge music box. It seems he was more interested in getting back the music box than his wife or child but that didnít stop Napoleon one bit in the search for Lynette.

This starts the dangerous deception on Savannahís part to keep Napoleon from finding her friend. She would do almost anything to keep him from finding her. From the moment Napoleon and Savannah meet at a ball the attraction is there. The more they are together the attraction turns to love.

Bordello is an interesting story and one that keep me glued to the pages. Savannah and Napoleon bicker back and forth, each giving as good as they get. It is interesting to see what lengths Savannah goes to in order to help her friend and keep her one step ahead of Napoleon. They both find the love they didnít think they wanted. We also find out why Napoleon goes after these runaway women. Ms. Butler has given us a wonderful story. The deception that goes on is not only with Savannah but with several other characters as well. They each play a role in helping Savannah and of course, Napoleon, on their quest to find love and helping these women.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Pam.

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