by Shana Galen

September 2006
ISBN: 0-06-112494-X
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Mass Market Paperback

London, 1811

Miss Catherine Fullbright and her three cousins, Ashley, Josie, and Maddie made a pact as children that they will never marry. Catie has first hand experience of how a man can control and dominate a female, thanks to her abusive father. However, with the betrothal of Catie’s spoiled-brat younger sister Elizabeth, Catie’s brutish father has given Catie an ultimatum: she must marry ASAP. With the help of her three cousins, Catie does her best to discourage the suitors her father tosses at her, and sabotage Lizzie’s engagement. Angered by Catie’s disobedience her father devises a plan. Since Catie is the elder and must by protocol be the first to marry, Mr. Fullbright decides why not marry her off to Elizabeth’s unsuspecting fiancé, Lord Valentine? This way, the more desirable of his daughters will be free to wed a richer and more powerful member of the ton!

Quint Childers, Lord Valentine, needs a demure, genial wife to further his political aspirations. Having offered for the lovely Elizabeth Fullbright, who will fit his standards perfectly, Quint finds himself more attracted to her older sister. A hellion like Catie will never do if Quint is to succeed in furthering his position in the ministry; therefore he must put aside his infatuation with Catherine and continue with his plans to wed Lizzie. Unsuspecting of his future father-in-law’s plot to switch the sisters, Quint is stunned to find he’s married the wrong one! Rather than face a scandal that will ruin his career, Quint decides that he and Catie will make a go of the marriage as best they can. Its clear that these two are totally unsuited and yet sparks fly and passions ignite whenever they come together!

2006 RITA award finalist, author Shana Galen starts an exciting new series, Misadventures in Marriage with No Man’s Bride, a fresh reworking of The Taming of the Shrew. Catherine’s obnoxious attitude can be hard to take, but we are brought to understand these behaviors from the cruelty she suffered from her vile father. Her catfights with her nasty sister are uproarious! (Anyone remember Dynasty?) Quint’s gentle handling of his skittish bride is amazing! This hero is everything a girl desires, handsome, sensitive and very sexy only Catie denies wanting him. Quint plots an erotically crafted seduction of his wife that will scorch your fingers as you turn the pages. No Man’s Bride is a very enjoyable fairy tale of a Cinderella who by machinations of her father's twisted plots, gets a prince Charming.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Bonnie.

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