by Mary Eason

May 2006
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Would you do anything in your power to get into a political office? Even if it means giving up the one person you love and becoming engaged to someone else? Someone that youíve only met a few times before but knew the other person had a crush on you? That is exactly what Drake is doing and he is getting unwilling help from his cousin, Alec in order to try and reach his goal. Of course, Drake has to also not be seen with the one person who he loves, Jackie.

The story started by Drake telling Alec what he needed to do in order to get into the governorís house in Texas. Alec didnít like it one bit and told Drake that in no uncertain terms. But Drake still talks Alec into picking up Grace at the airport and taking her to the hotel.

Alec is against the scheme the moment Drake told him about it. But he agrees and in the process he takes one look at Grace and for some reason he treats her harshly. He just knows he has to stay away from her and he would be okay. But staying away is hard for him to do.

Grace realizes that Drake has other motives besides what he told her. She isnít sure what is going on but she knows that she is uneasy around Alec and she isnít sure why. She also realizes that more is going on between Alec, Drake and Jackie she just canít figure it out.

The Texas Solution by Ms. Eason is a story of finding love when you least expect it and of deceit. The story had some ups and downs and most of them were between Grace and Alec, neither one of them realizing the emotions they were feeling until too late. I did enjoy the story and wanted to keep reading until the end and still want to find out how the two couples are doing. I was pulled from the story a few times because of some minor errors, but not something that made me want to put the book down.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Pam.

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