by Evangeline Anderson

November 2006
ISBN: 0758215355
Reviewer Graphic Button Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback

Reporter Sadie Thomas is tired of all the crappy assignments she’s been given lately. She decides to go after her own story and ends up traveling off planet to expose the truth about prostie-borgs. They are grown specifically for the sex industry, and though they feel real enough, they have very underdeveloped minds. Posing as one of the prostie-borgs, she feels safe with the presence of her “overlook-me” chip which is supposed to make her unnoticeable. Just her luck the chip stops working and, not one, but two men choose her for their companion.

Christian Holt and David Blakely are undercover, trying to track down those responsible for mind raping people, stealing their minds and transplanting them into the prostie-borgs, creating a much more lifelike sex toy. They pretty quickly realize the companion they’ve chosen isn’t what she seems. In order to assure her they mean her no harm, they explain their mission. Sadie admits her reason for being there, and as she’s without transportation makes a deal with them. She agrees to help them get some evidence if they will take her with them when they leave the colony.

Once on board their ship we learn much more about the nature of Holt and Blakely’s relationship. They are both good cops, and work very well together. So well that they were asked to try a new procedure, something that links their minds so they can work even better together, able to read each other’s minds. The down side to this is they don’t want separate relationships with women; they want one woman who can love and accept both of them.

Sadie was raised on one of the most conservative colonies on Earth, and isn’t sure how to handle the desire she feels for both of these men. But one thing is for sure, when they touch, there are some amazing side effects.

While Sadie may be hesitant about a sexual relationship with the men, she doesn’t even stop to think about putting herself in danger in order to protect them. The three deal with some pretty dangerous situations as they try to learn the true identities of the mind rapers.

Though this story is futuristic, the author describes the scenes in such vivid details it’s very easy to imagine every scene. While most of the covers on the Aphrodisia line of books are appealing and sensual, this one leaves a bit to be desired. But please don’t let the cover keep you from picking up this book. It’s a fun escape from reality with strong sexy characters.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Jackie.

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