by Lori Foster

March 2002
ISBN: 0-7582-0084-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Too Much Temptation is a unique contemporary romance because the heroine is a full-figured woman and not the 'usual' skinny heroine like those that mostly dominate this genre. Lori Foster's trademark writing of fantastic plots, hot love scenes, and unforgettable characters, marks this book like all her previous ones. Yet, it's still different, and her first full length for Brava Books.

Grace Jenkins is the wonderful, unique heroine. She works for the hero's grandmother as an assistant and is the very embodiment of protectiveness and steadfast loyalty. Though she's secretly loved Noah Harper for several years she never considered the idea that he would even think that way about her, especially because of her full-figured size.

Noah Harper is sexy, lusty, and a hero that is just impossible to resist. He's temptation with a capital T. He's also a very self reliant man, determined to get out from under his grandmother's strict reign and take control of his own life. When he breaks off an arranged engagement after finding his fiancÚ in bed with another man, Noah decides the time has come to change his life and live the way he wants to. Grace, ever loyal and protective of him, catches his eye and he suddenly finds himself 'needing' her like he's never needed anyone else.

This was a fantastic book, and the love story between Noah and Grace sizzled the pages. This is a definite keeper book, one that you'll want to read again, and one that will leave you wishing for a sexy hero like Noah. Noah's charismatic, woman-loving brother Ben appears in this story and readers will be glad to know that he has a love story coming sometime in October 2002.

Reviewed in January 2002 by Kari.

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