by Margaret Moore

August 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77124-X
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Mass Market Paperback

Cornwall, England 1244

Sir Ranulf was stunned when his good friend and overlord, Sir Merrick Lord of Tregellas, appointed him castellan of Penterwell castle. However, there was nothing Ranulf would not do for Merrick they were more then friends, they were sworn brothers-in arms. So it was that Ranulf found himself now the commanding knight in charge of the rundown castle and its people. Trying to uncover the mysteries behind several deaths linked with the piratical smugglers that combed the coastal waters of Cornwall, Ranulf had a lot to deal with, so with mixed feelings he accepted Lady Beatrice’s, Sir Merrick’s ward, help in putting Penterwell back in good working order. Ranulf lacked power and wealth and his jaded past kept him from pursuing a virtuous and noble lady such as Bea. Ranulf and Bea had been fighting a mutual attraction for some time, but Ranulf knew there could never be anything between them, his history would continue to haunt him no matter how many times he proved himself in battle. It was with great reluctance that Ranulf agreed to allow Bea to temporarily stay at Penterwell.

Daughter of a traitorous nobleman who had plotted against the king, Lady Beatrice knew that if not for the charity of her cousin Constance and her husband, Merrick she would be homeless. Securing a husband who would want such a tainted bride as she, would never happen for Beatrice, so she yearned silently for the handsome devil Sir Ranulf. If she could not have Ranulf as her husband, then Bea was set to seduce him for whatever time she could have him, Ranulf was Hers to Desire.

USA Today bestselling author Margaret Moore completes her brothers-in-arms series with the story we have been anxiously waiting for, that of bubbly little Lady Beatrice and Sir Ranulf the knight with an unsavory nature, but who wants the purity and love of kindhearted Bea. All the elements for an action packed adventure are in Hers to Desire. There is mystery, romance, devious villains who plot against our hero and heroine at every turn. Flawed but true hearted Ranulf was the best hero yet, and pairing him with the vivacious Lady Bea was pure romantic chemistry at its best! Margaret Moore has outdone herself with ending this medieval series with a sure-to-be bestseller!

Reviewed in July 2006 by Bonnie.

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