by Holly Jacobs

April 2005
ISBN: 0-8034-9704-0
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WLVH Radio has joined with the local car dealership to have a battle of the sexes of sorts. One man and one woman will be chosen to live inside a pickup truck. When one contestant gives up then the other one wins the truck.

After a lengthy contest search the final two are chosen from among the entries. Mary Rosenthal and Ethan Westbrook are the lucky participants. These two singles have entered the contest for very different reasons.

Schoolteacher Mary Rosenthal loves her job but her small paycheck is another story. Maryís car is on the way to the dead car graveyard and Mary sees the contest as a way to replace said car with no damage to her tight budget. Arriving at the contest with a bag load of books, comfortable clothes and lots of determination Mary is all set to be the last occupant of the pickup.

Ethan Westbrook is financially secure and he finds himself in this contest for a very different reason, namely free publicity for his familyís drugstores. He plans to get a little work done until Mary decides to give up.

As these two confirmed singles spend more and more time in the close quarters they begin to see each other in a whole new way. Will the prize in this contest be a pickup truck or something much more?

Pick up a copy of Holly Jacobs latest Pickup Lines and find out for yourself. A smart, fun and sexy story is what Jacobs delivers with her latest Pickup Lines. With a fun and fresh story line and loveable characters Jacobs delivers a romantic comedy thatís sure to please. With intriguing secondary characters she also entices readers to stand in line for the next release in this series, Lovehandles which features radio DJís Punch and Judy.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Barbara.

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