by Madison Hayes

May 2006
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Octavia Smith writes romance novels under the pen name Octavia October, and has done very well for her self. So well, in fact, she’s been unable to find a man who wants her for who she is and not what she’s worth. On her way home she spies a broken down car, and then a few minutes later a man walking along the side of the road. She drives by and then only a couple of miles down the road her Hummer gets a flat tire.

Bolton Hardin finds Tavia on the side of road, unsuccessfully trying to loosen her tire’s lug nuts. He offers to change the tire for her, if she’ll give him a ride home. She doesn’t like the idea of picking up a stranger, but she knows this particular highway is practically deserted, and he’d be lucky to find another ride. Besides, she can’t go anywhere with a flat tire. Since she has an appointment for that evening she offers him a place to stay and a ride home the next day.

Not only is Bolt a rather large man, he’s also very determined. He has no problem going after what, or who, he wants. When Tavia’s appointment turns out to be a date, he doesn’t waste any time getting rid of the competition. He doesn’t take no for an answer and uses his size to his advantage when he has to. And it’s endearing how he never takes offense at her name calling.

While at times it seems as if Bolt is too domineering, it’s evident that if at any time Tavia truly wished to stop what they were doing, he would have - or at least taken more time to convince her otherwise. He’s also very inventive, finding some rather unique ways to drive Tavia out of her mind. And Tavia finds his rough language and descriptive desires rather arousing.

For those of you who have read Miss April, another book in the Calendar Girls series, you may recognize the name Dalton. While less romantic then I prefer, in the end there is no doubt about the love Tavia and Bolt share.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Jackie.

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