by Lauren Royal

November 2006
ISBN: 0-451-21824-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Twenty-two year old Lady Juliana Chase longs to see all her family and friends happy and in love. Though she herself hasn’t found the man of her dreams yet, Juliana loves the challenge of helping people fall in love. Her newest project? Juliana is determined to match Dr. James Trevor, Earl of Stafford, to her good friend Amanda.

There’s just one catch: Juliana only has a short time to complete this love match because, unbeknownst to James, Amanda is already engaged, though not happily. Juliana is determined to see her friend settled in a love match, and she’s sure James is the man for her.

To add another spinnaker into the works, James has his own plan and it doesn’t involve Amanda. A widower, James hasn’t been tempted to put his heart on the line again, until Juliana starts meddling with his affairs, volunteering at his clinic, and going on short excursions with him. His heart is lost...to Juliana.

But for a woman determined to see others happy, can Juliana recognize the love that is staring her right in the face?

In the second book in her Sweet Temptations series, Lauren Royal once again steals the show in this enchanting novel. Juliana’s sweet nature is matched with a will of steel and a cunning mind that she uses to meddle in people’s lives. Her tactics are amusing, tender, and wily, but when James gets into the game, fireworks explode! The air is tinged with seduction, tasty temptations and sizzling side-long glances. Love is truly in the air in the absorbing and romantic Tempting Juliana. Ms. Royal is surely one of the most talented historical authors writing today.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Sarah.

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