by Linda Howard

November 2006
ISBN: 0-345-48658-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback

Blair Mallory is back and getting hurt more than ever in Linda Howard’s Drop Dead Gorgeous, the sequel to To Die For.

Blair is busy getting ready for her upcoming wedding to police lieutenant, Wyatt Bloodsworth. He’s given her an ultimatum. Pick a date and make the preparations or he’ll have them married before the week is out. Well, as you can guess, Blair isn’t having any of that, so she picks a date and sets the plans into motion.

However, there are a few snafus. After a successful shopping expedition at the mall, Blair is almost run over when returning to her car. The woman behind the wheel definitely had a score to settle with Blair, but she can’t seem to convince Wyatt of that fact. He scoffs at her notion that someone is trying to kill her, again.

But the trouble continues and the danger grows. As Blair juggles wedding plans, her tempestuous love for Wyatt, and now a killer, she’s starting to wonder if marriage is worth all the hassle!

Feisty, flirtatious and nonstop action, Drop Dead Gorgeous gets the ball rolling on mystery and mayhem from the first page to the end. Blair and Wyatt’s sarcastic bantering is more fun than ever; their power plays against each other are laugh out loud funny, and Wyatt’s perpetually alpha male personality clashes well with Blair’s blond bombshell character.

While the mystery wasn’t too mysterious and the culprit easily guessed, readers will still have a blast revisiting these characters. Blair’s comments about life in the South, about relationships, and about wedding planning are definitely not to be missed. Ms. Howard pens an unforgettable wedding adventure where the clock is ticking both on a happily-ever-after, and on the possibility of death. Drop Dead Gorgeous is another irresistible Blair Mallory escapade.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Sarah.

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