by Bianca D`Arc

May 2006
ISBN: 1-59998-063-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Samhain Publishing, Ltd #2

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Widowed at a young age, Adora raised her daughter alone. Now that her daughter, Belora, is married, Adora starts to hope for her own love match - with the dashing but often silent, Sir Jared. Strong, well respected and highly masculine, Adora cannot fight the growing attraction to the kindly knight, but Jared has suffered his own chequered past, one that he must overcome before Adora can win his heart. The loss of his wife and child due to treachery means Jared’s heart is frozen like ice. He will not allow himself to love again, not with the war between Draconia and the Skiths intensifying daily.

Enter Lord Darian,a traitor from the enemy camp, who has given up his lands and title to warn the Border Lair of his evil King’s upcoming plan. An old friend of Sir Jared’s, Darian immediately falls in love with the beautiful Adora, forming a sensual ménage-a -trois

As the battle nears, and war comes to the Border, can Darian and Adora convince Jared to embrace love, overcome the past and find happiness?

With the second book in the Dragon Knights series, Bianca D’Arc weaves a compelling tale of magic, mystery and passion. The sexual relationship between the knights, Adora and the two dragons will whip the reader into an erotic frenzy, and leave you panting for more! As both Jared and Darian are slightly older than the other knights they are more experienced, bringing the almost virginal Adora to new heights of sexual pleasure. The revelation that Adora is linked to the ancient royal house of Draconia provides a perfect set up for future books.

The mythology of the dragons, their riders and Draconia’s history as a whole, keeps unravelling as the plot continues. At times, however, the book becomes too wordy and distracted this reader from the overall enjoyment of the novel. Although this reader did not enjoy Border Lair as much as the first in the series, Bianca D’Arc continues to push the limits of imagination and I look forward to future instalments of Miss D’Arc’s dragons!

Reviewed in July 2006 by Donna.

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