by Cherry Adair

August 2002
ISBN: 0-373-79055-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

What do you do if, with a crappy life and a hairdo from hell, you still get asked by Prince Charming to marry him? Accept of course! And what when he turns out to be rather less charming and offers a marriage in name only? You’d still accept! Jesse Adams does just that when Joshua Falcon (love that name!) asks her to marry him in return for anything she desires.

He needs to marry in order to gain the controlling shares to the company he will partly own when his uncle Simon retires. Without any qualms Joshua gets the marriage license and disappears out of Jesse’s life… or so he thinks. Charming? Not!

Jesse’s never forgotten him and now seven years later when she wants her dearest wish fulfilled she knows who to turn to. She wants a baby, and she wants Joshua to be the father. He was her Prince Charming after all.

Changed from the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan she has no problems capturing his attention and interest. He is easily hooked, never suspecting that the beautiful woman might be his wife. So the game can begin. Arranging dates around her best dates of conception, playing hard to get and planning on only one night of passion and a divorce shortly after, Jesse has it all thought out. But melting The Glacier proves dangerous to her own heart, especially when The Glacier turns out to be a Prince Charming after all.

How could I not fall in love with a heroine with a hair disaster? And is it any wonder that I loved her turning into a beautiful swan? Taking control of her destiny and her dreams, she turns from a carefree woman into a heroine willing to postpone her dreams for the love of the hero. I didn’t understand why Jesse was desperate for a child and why she waited for Joshua to be her first lover, but seeing them both fall in love with each other distracted me enough to enjoy a story of warm, tender and beautiful emotions – and, of course, hot, sizzling, steamy ones! The ones that turn into scenes of an ecstatic ride in an elevator and an introduction to a rather intimate toy.

Joshua suffers through most of the book. Made to wait in eager anticipation, he is being seduced into public displays of affection, laughter, holding hands and trusting and loving Jesse. It’s easy and very satisfying to see him grow into a hero worthy of any heroine’s love and affection. I just wish Jesse had been given the same care and easy to follow reasoning for loving Joshua.

Still, with an off-beat humor that shines through on several occasions and a seductive sensuality Take Me proved to be a book worthy for any to-be-read pile with it’s romantic, funny and very sexy scenes; especially knowing that it comes from the same pen that brings us her irresistible romantic suspense stories published by Ivy Books.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Kris Alice.

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